Calm Before the Storm - Two of Swords

September 13, 2018

A storm is raging in the Atlantic Ocean with its sights set on the Carolinas. Cities empty of the humans that normally inhabit them. Before the storm hits there is a most unusual calmness. Before the winds rage and rain falls. 

There is something in this moment. It almost gives a false sense of what is to come, a calm before the storm. 

This week at our Tarot Workshop, we pulled the Two of Swords. Crowley's Thoth deck, pictured above in the center, claims the card PEACE. The card shows a seemingly balance between two swords. Two powers pushing with even pressure and for this moment stalled in gridlock. Face-off at half court, referee ready to release the ball upwards into the air.

Look deeper into the cards. They know this state will not last.

Take a moment. Sit and examine the current situation, but set a timer because that storm is surging and you have a choice to make. My suggestion is not to fight the waves that are coming, but to ride them. Can you flow with them?

Thinking of all those who are in Florence's path, may you ride out safely.

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