DIRT Radio Interview

April 10, 2019

Taylor and Alan were recently interviewed by Jennifer English of The Voice in Tucson (KVOI 1030AM) for her show Irresistible Tucson. We spoke of our inspirations for DIRT and how love guides us in our exploration digging in the earth and life.

To listen to the show click this link and find the episode "Hour 2 DIRT" posted April 8, 2019.

Quote from Taylor during the show, we have "metaphysical tools or objects that are made by women makers that we either know ourselves, that are friends or from vendors that we have met, for the most part. We try and keep it personal because the objects we sell are energetic... that all center around what tools you need to practice self love, self care, consciousness and awareness."

We hope you enjoy the show and we look forward to talking more about what we are doing.

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