New Group Meditation in Tucson: Cosmic Silence

November 10, 2019

All are welcome to join our donation based silent group meditative sit that is nondenominational and open to different forms of silent and still meditation. With all the different meditations available, you can choose and experiment with what works best for yourself. Mindfulness, Breath Awareness, Loving Kindness or Gratitude, Body Scan, Mantras, etc.

We will sit in two 20 minute segments with a 5 minute meditative walk in the middle. There will be a brief introduction and if you have never meditated before feel free to message us or come a few minutes early. We love to introduce people to meditation and group meditations are very powerful.

Come sit in Cosmic Silence with DIRT at Bhava Wellness every Thursday.

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HOLY DIRT Spotify Playlist

November 18, 2019

Find our playlist on Spotify to listen to songs we played on the show.

Music ranges from world to electronic to chanting to classical; well just about whatever we get our hands on.

Past artists: Menahan Street Band, Crown of Eternity, serpentwithfeet, Sinkane, Laraaji, Linda Rondstadt, and much more!

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Support DIRT and Let's Dig Deeper!

November 11, 2019

We simply could not be here without you, so thank you for digging deep with us.

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HOLY DIRT Podcast Online

November 07, 2019

Our HOLY DIRT podcast is now available. Listen to our previous interviews and then listen live every Sunday morning 7-9am.

If you like what we are doing, please share with others and donate/become a patron. A little support goes a long way. Thank you! 

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