Now you don't have to come to our store to get your cards read. Get a TAROT READING right in your e-mail or even your real life mailbox from DIRT's reader and co-owner Alan. He enjoys being open to the intuitive power of the cards, while also spending many hours buried in the knowledge of learning from books. This balance of masculine and feminine create an honest and loving embrace of the cycles of life. 

"There are good and bad times, but our mood changes more often than our fortune." Thomas Carlyle

We are all creating our futures, so this is not fortune telling, but there is a connection deep that talks forwardly as to what is going on in our lives and hints of courses of action or even sometimes inaction/rest.

We offer two different readings:

3 Card Reading - which is good for a single question or a little guidance.

15 Card Reading - need a big picture view, which is good for life changes, birthdays, or needing more fine tuning with your life.

We are new to the digital world of readings, but we look forward to evolving to create the best service. If you really want a face to face reading, then we can discuss video chat options. We grew up with deep connections in the Interwebs, so we do not fear that we will lose the human connection even while not being in close proximity.

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