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SMUDGE WANDS are great for every day use or ritual ceremony work. Go smudge yourself, then smudge your space and others!

"Don't call the world dirty because you forgot to clean your glasses." Aaron Hill

WHITE SAGE / DESERT SAGE / BLUE SAGE are used for cleansing and blessing. Great for when you move into a new space or after a highly charged event. Let the smoke activate the energy so it can be moved and cleansed. Each has a slightly different smell, but same purpose.

YERBA SANTA is used for adding a little love to the atmosphere. It can also be used to set boundaries and protection. Excellent for opening the heart.

MUGWORT (Black Sage) is used for dreams and visions. Open that third eye.

4" Wand
Lights Easily

Note: All our wands are harvested on private land without impacting the plants.