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DIRT CACTI are extremely well loved. We hand mix our own substrate to give the cactus optimal conditions in its pot. We select pots to match the character of each cactus. After topping off the pot with a beautiful rock layer, we add a crystal to bless the cactus in long health and send vibrations to its surroundings and you.

DIRT CACTI Available Online Now!

We love using pots made by artists, like our friends Whiskey & Clay.

Many of our cacti are rescued from their native homes before construction crews bulldoze the land. These beings had extreme lives in the desert. Now ready to tell their tales, as they enjoy their later years with you. We are proud members of Tucson Cactus & Succulent Society, who are out in the desert sun saving all the cacti they can.

We offer many different custom cactus potting services, including but not limited to:

  • Searching for your favorite cacti
  • Mixing our best substrate for your cacti
  • Potting cacti in your pots
  • Offering advice for cactus care

We will also be giving Cactus Potting Workshops soon, so sign up for our e-mail below to hear all our announcements.

Come to DIRT and spend some time with our cacti, then take one home!