HOLY DIRT Radio Show / Podcast

DIRT's Taylor and Alan have a radio show and podcast called HOLY DIRT! We DIG DEEP live on Downtown Radio in Tucson every Sunday from 7-9AM Arizona MST.

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Each week, we host a Tucson local to talk about what inspires them and their rituals. We also play some songs to tune you in to our vibrations. We will be open to all topics and definitely not shy away from the spiritual, mystical, or just plain mysterious (UFOs, ALIENS, and more).

Listen to us live in Tucson on your radio at KTDT 99.1FM or find us on your favorite radio streaming device by searching for KTDT or Downtown Radio Tucson, like tunein.com

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Show Guests
David Fenster (@davidfenster) - 11/17/19
Lex Gjurasic (@lexgjurasic) - 11/10/19
Rosie (@sonoranrosieherbal) - 11/3/19
Lano Romero Dash (@lannnno) - 10/27/19
Trevor Mock (@sonoranwitchboy) - 10/20/19
Fiona Fenix (dustymoon_studio) - 10/13/19
Harold Thomas (@feedmecactus) - 10/6/19

Contact us if you want to be on our show or you know someone else good!

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