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Mother Peace Tarot by Karen Vogel & Vicki Noble
This deck originally released in 1981, is based on the traditional tarot system with ancient images from Goddess-centered cultures throughout the world.

  • 78 Card Deck
  • 3" Round Diameter Cards
  • Includes "Charge of the Star Goddess" Poem by Starhawk

"The Motherpeace Tarot has been a wise and loving oracle. A clear mirror, also, that constantly shows the truest face." - Alice Walker

New to tarot? If you have never read tarot, DIRT's advice is to first start with your intuition and let the images speak to you and your subconscious. After you have allowed your subconscious to soak in the imagery, then proceed soaking up the wisdom that has been written. Tarot tells the story of life, which is ever unfolding, so let the cards evolve as we do and not hold them to strict mental ideas.