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SELENITE CRYSTAL is one of DIRT'S favorite crystals. We have them placed around our store and home to give us peace and clarity. Be elevated by the bright white light when the crystal is illuminated. Communicate with other realms using its vibrations. Open to channels outside of our physical realm, while also enjoying the natural beauty of the crystal.

"You don't have true freedom until you allow a diversity of opinion and a diversity of voices." Don Lemon

This piece is exceptionally beautiful. The translucent tips and pure white color with only a slight discoloring towards the base. This crystal is a strong and healing protector for you and your space.

  • Fishtail Selenite
  • 6.75" Tall
  • 5" Wide
  • 2.5" Deep
  • 3+ lbs.

You will receive the actual crystal in the photo.

Our SELENITE CRYSTAL was mined by a father and son operation based in Chihuahua, our neighboring Mexican State. They take great care of their crystals and when we saw their SELENITE we were amazed at their purity and clarity.

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