WHITE COPAL the incense nicknamed the Frankincense of the Americas, has a Heavenly smell that elevates your mind and body. Light a charcoal briquette, drop a piece of copal onto it, close your eyes and listen.

COPAL comes from a tree that grows in the warm arid regions of the Americas. The resin comes out of the tree and is harvested, so no trees are harmed in collecting the resin. COPAL and PALO SANTO are from the same family of trees named Bursera.

  • 45 grams (over 1.5 ounces)
  • Light Heavenly Scent
  • From Mexico with Love

To use COPAL, use a holder to burn a charcoal tablet (for beauty and simplicity we offer ABALONE SHELLS), light an end of the charcoal tablet (we have THREE KINGS charcoal briquettes which are quick lighting). Wait for the briquette to get hot and glow (it turns white), then place a piece of COPAL on the briquette and enjoy.

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